The Cognitive Change Center was formed after two colleagues in the field saw a need for quality evidence based treatment and bridging the gap between multiple providers in one family. Leigh Kolodny-Kraft and Dan Linehan saw a need for individualized and customized treatment for individuals, couples and families. They also recognized that there was an identified gap in treatment for individuals following residential treatment. The one size fits all aftercare planning usually included partial hospitalization or Intensive Outpatient Treatment. Since not all individuals fit into that modality, many were falling through the cracks which often resulted in relapses that could have been prevented.

The Cognitive Change Center is dedicated to providing all wrap around services necessary to families and individuals in one place to help people reach their goals. The Cognitive Change center provides varying levels of out patient care treating Family Issues, Relationship Issues, Substance Abuse Disorders, Gambling Addiction, Sex Addiction treatment for the individual and Family, Trauma treatment, and child and adolescent treatment through individual sessions, group sessions and family sessions. Couples and Conjoint Couples treatment are provide as well at the Relationship Institute within The Kraft Group.

The Cognitive Change Center takes a firm stance that treatment begins with trust and we believe that healing begins from within. We believe that everyone has the ability to heal. We see our role is to support that healing and provide a safe therapeutic relationship which will enable that healing to emerge. We stand firm that our service is not a business transaction but a relationship formed over time. A relationship based on authenticity and a powerful journey of self inquiry and support.