Philip Kelly

Philip Kelly, CIP, CBI


Philip is a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP) skilled as an interventionist and a sober companion. He is certified in Brad Lamm’s BreakFree Intervention method (CBI), as well as being trained in other methods and intervention approaches. His goal is to help clients say yes to treatment, find their path to sobriety, and support those learning how to stay sober through the transition of returning home after treatment.

His instincts in the heat of the moment are phenomenal; his calm and peaceful demeanor is contagious, especially in times of chaos. His passion to help others has always been essential to him. The field of addiction is where he is most comfortable; helping families that are the same as the one he grew up in. His background in intense therapy and multiple recovery programs is an asset to helping families suffering with addiction begin to recover and heal.

Philip has been a Certified BreakFree Interventionist with Brad Lamm since 2012, specializing in interventions, sober coaching, and sober companionship. After being deeply involved with raising his three daughters, coaching them in soccer, basketball, and softball, he entered into the field of addiction recovery when his youngest left for college. He chose to be on the front lines of alcohol and drug addiction throughout the United States and has been the catalyst of change for over 300 interventions to date. His drive is to help families begin to learn how to heal. His background in all 12 Step programs has turned out to be invaluable with his work in helping those suffering with the family disease of addiction.

Philip grew up in the suburbs just outside Philadelphia. He graduated from LaSalle College High School, attended 2 years of college before dropping out and escalating his drug and alcohol addiction. His dark history included dealing drugs to support his habits, bartending for cash in his pocket, drinking, drugging, and gambling in order to avoid the pain of his past and his deepest inner feelings.

His recovery began on his 35th birthday. That day marked the slow healing process that he maintains today, more than 20 years later. During his early recovery years, which began at the Malvern Institute in Pennsylvania, he has addressed many facets of his afflictions. Upon finishing rehab, he attended individual and group counseling sessions for almost 10 years. Becoming a part of the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous, completing the 12 Steps, and helping others stay addiction free has been the staple of his daily life. He has also been a strong member of Al- Anon for 20+ years to address his family’s disease of addiction. His sobriety work has included Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Nicotine Anonymous, Codependents Anonymous (CODA), Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA), in addition to expanded inner child work, learning how to champion his hurt and wounded child within. He has studied “A Course in Miracles” for over 20 years and facilitated weekly meetings for years. He continues to sponsor many, guiding them to a way of living they never knew was possible.

Philip currently coaches 9th grade girls’ basketball and high school varsity girls’ tennis at a local high school. He is studying to become a master Reiki healer and practices the art of Bonsai. Philip lives in the Philadelphia area with his family.